Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Damage on a Miss

Apparently there is a big dust up about this concept being used in D&DN. I know little about it and have no opinion on it right now, but I will have an idea shortly. In any respect, a conversation on cropped up about the discussion about DoaM. It got funny quickly.

So, a poster named Carfish had a funny take. I won't go into details, its on page 7 of the discussion, but his money quote comment is here (you might have to read the previous page's postings to understand how it ended up here.

Which is why accurately drawn boob armor creates the 'bikini' effect: the plates cannot be made any larger while still retaining their structural integrity. A breastplate that covers much more than a woman's areolas would literally disintegrate in real life.

It's not sexism - it's realism.
Catfish at

So that explains this

But not this


Anonymous said...

Love the video that does with that second pic.


Troll Lord said...

ohh link please, i can not find it

Anonymous said...

It's a College Humor video called Female Armor Sucks.

In regards to Catfish's quote, he (she?) seems to be saying that boob-shaped armor needs to have a bikini design - rather than, say, an all-encompassing one like plate mail - or it will fall apart.

Personally, I think that that post is a superlative example of Poe's Law.

DesignZombie said...

that is a funny video!

And btw, I like Damage on a miss rules (or as we call it "Drama on a miss." When done properly, it works.

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