Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Damage on A Miss or always hit

SO, the discussion over at enworld and rpgnet got me thinking. Yes, thinking. What if one always hits. All the time, always (in melee, not ranged combat necessarily). Never-the-less, you swing you hit.

So follow me,

Break hit point out into HP and Wounds. HP being high and Wounds being low.

Always hitting represents the death by a thousand cuts thing. Wearing an opponent down etc. The damage is always small, but adds up over time. If one does not 'hit,' the damage goes to hit points. Its small or whatever, but can quickly add up. Its small cuts, bruises, exhaustion and whatnot.

A real hit occurs rarely but when it does it goes to wounds. And death quickly follows. Wounds represent real hits with real effects like limb loss, head loss, etc.

Just a thought.

Always hit, haha, not a bad idea for a mechanic.


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