Thursday, February 20, 2014

Codex Nordica on Kickstarter

We've been having some interesting discussion over in the comments section of TLG's latest kickstarter, the Codex Nordica. As we enter the final few days of the project we've fielded the question, what would you like to see as a stretch goal!

You can find out more, or get in on the action at this link: Codex Nordica.

More on the book:

The Codex Nordica is a 128+ page book filled with all manner of content, from a complete guide to Viking Mythology for everyone's use, from new spells for characters to monsters for Castle Keepers/Game Masters. It's that and more!

TLG 81311 Codex Nordica Rule Book, Mythology 128 pages (estimated), Hardcover $21.99 (estimated) ISBN 978-1-936822-63-8


With iron grips they held their ships at sea. Face to the wind, back to the mist, they cut the water in their dragon prow ships, bringing the song of death and plunder upon the backs of gods that rose from the maelstrom of eternity. With axe and sword, shield and spear, they rose as if from the ether and opened the world to a storm of primeval lust.

The Codex Nordica plunges into their world, exploring the myths and cultures of the Vikings, from Odin's Ravens to the Jotun fortress of Gymirsheim. Brian Young explores the Nine Worlds of the northmen, the legends and myths, the magical creatures, gods, heroes, giants and monsters that peopled them.

All this is presented as a back drop to the game you are already playing. Expanding upon the core of C&C material Codex Nordica brings a host of new wizardry and enchantments, gods for the characters, warriors and battle craft. Added on to all this, are new materials for the Castle Keeper, all designed to enhance rather than hinder play.

Codex Nordica brings the Viking myths to life at the table!

What's Inside: 1. History & Cosmography 2. The Nine Worlds 3. Magical Beings & Monsters 4. Wizardry & Enchantments 5. The Gods and Giants 6. Warriors & Battlecraft 7. Castle Keeper Info

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