Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Crazy Bastard Theory of Evolution

M.T. Fessler and his colleagues at the University of California are putting forward a thesis that basically states that those individuals that are more inclined to take risks . . . as in Jackass type risks, not the stock brokerage type risks . . . are driving forces in evolutionary biology. They, it would appear, come across as more "formidable" than their non-risk taking brethren. 

"In Amer­i­can ver­nac­u­lar En­glish, this term [cra­zy bas­tard] is ap­plied to in­di­vid­u­als, gen­er­ally young men, who in­tim­i­date ri­vals and im­press friends through vol­un­tary phys­ical risk-taking. The un­in­formed are warned not to trans­gress against a ‘cra­zy bas­tard.’”

Their findings appear in the January issue of Evolution and Human Behavior.

In the apacolypse, they shall inherit the earth . . .

Surely not.

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