Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Word of the Day -- Abide

This word always seems to come to me in the negative form, as in: "I can't abide in that."  Again, this is one of the words you will here our anachronistic Troll Lord utter.  He likes the words that he picks up in books, and since he reads a lot of history, I guess it would make sense that a lot of his words are old fashioned, as well as some of his phrasings, which we can discuss when we have more time.  But for now, abide means to endure.  Or to tolerate, something that has to be put up with, or in the case of the negative, something that you just can't endure or allow to continue. 

It may sound rather old-fashioned these days. The word has been around since before the 12th century, but it is a bit rare now, except in certain specialized uses. Even more archaic to our modern ear is "abidden," the original past participle of "abide." Today, both the past and the past participle of "abide" are served by either "abode" or "abided," with "abided" being the more frequent choice. The expression "abide by," which means "to conform to" or "to acquiesce in," is also common. Related terms include the participial adjective "abiding" (which means "enduring" or "continuing," as in "an abiding interest in nature"), the noun "abidance" ("continuance" or "compliance"), and the noun "abode" ("residence").

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