Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Voice, A Rune

The Voice
This rune is etched upon the throat and when done so correctly intones the magic of the Voice. The wielder's tone becomes deep and measured. It adapts a melodic, almost hypnotic, tone for any who can hear it, altering the speaker's normal speech patterns in order to appeal to others, no matter their cultural, linguistic background, changing even to account for social nuances such as religion and emotive responses. The wielder of the rune gains a +2 on all charisma checks and those that the Voice are directed towards become calm and very reluctant to attack the wielder. They will only do so if they are attacked by the wielder or any of those who serve him. Furthermore, they become susceptible to mind-altering spells, suffering a minus -2 on all charisma, wisdom or intelligence saving throws or attribute checks. 

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