Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kickstarter Update: We are close to 10K!

Greetings all! Wanted to give you an update on the Kickstarter project.  We are only $545 from the $10,000 stretch goal.  If we hit 10K, we will unlock the MAPS! Beautiful full color 18x24 map of the world of the Celts.  AND if we hit 11K before it ends in 59 hours, we unlock a full color map of the Celtic Mythos for your Codex!  These are for any pledge of $60 or more; so consider a pledge today or upgrade your pledge and these maps will be yours if we hit our goals!  Thanks so much for all your support thus far, we really appreciate it! Kickstarter Codex Celtarum


Timothy Brannan said...

If you reach that I might have to up my pledge to 60 bucks to take advantage of it.

Tim Burns said...

We are even closer now, about 76 dollars short at last count. So it's almost there!