Friday, January 18, 2013

Kickstarter news. Stretch goals and rewards added!

A kindly THANK YOU to everyone who has joined us at the table to feast upon the Codex Celtarum, our latest work!  You helped us hit out goal, to celebrate we've added some nice stretch rewards! Please help spread the word and help us build this Kickstarter even more and set the Codices on the right road!  We are just over $4,000 and our new stretch goal is $6,000.  Please help us reach this by considering a pledge.  The rewards were good before, but are getting even better! By pledging now, or by adding on, there are more treats from not only us, but also from Fat Dragon Games and EN World, who is working on rebuilding their site so they have a great kickstarter going as well.  You can check their kickstarter project here: EN World.

So please share the link: with anyone who might be interested in our project; we think they will be pleased with the product as well as the rewards!  Thanks again for making this project come to life.

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