Thursday, January 24, 2013

Its all Relative

The tyrannosaurus rex, heralded as the King of Dinosaurs, was some 20 feet all and averaged 40 feet long. His skull alone was 5 feet long. A bite delivered could be up to 4 tons per square inch.  The female tended to be larger than the male, though we are not sure of their range or if they hunted in pairs or singly.

It was a fearsome predator by any definition.

Interestingly however a 68 million years old fossil of one of these monsters was discovered. The fossil had a small sample of flesh on it (presumably from the t-rex). After DNA studies were conducted it seems the closest living relative to the tyrannosaurus rex is the modern day chicken. See more here.

What's more interesting is the bone structure of the animals. The bone structure of the bird is rather unique, putting walking force on the shin instead of thigh, something the t-rex did as well. (

Turkey here:

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