Monday, January 28, 2013

Facebook contest: Win a free book!

It's getting dark and the trolls are coming out to play! And being trolls, we like to be liked…”us poor old no good miserable robbing trolls” don’t you know…so spread the word! We want to hit 1000 likes before Midnight on Monday! Help us and we’ll give you a FREE BOOK of your choice (so long as its in print, CKG, MT, PH, etc.)!

Every person you share the page with, have them “like” Castles & Crusades, and vote for you by posting your name on the Facebook page, and whoever gets the most votes wins the book!  Check the page often as the leaders are going back and forth; hurry and get your name in the running and pick up the free book!

Happy Troll Hunting!


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