Friday, January 18, 2013

Does the Bow get 2 Shots or 1?

So at least once a month the discussion comes up at the table about how many arrows an archer can shoot. Last night several Skeletal Warriors were attacking the party up a ravine while a bunch of deurgar were fire heavy crossbows at the party. Stark, the half-orc ranger, pulled his short bow out and commenced an archer duel with them. In Castles & Crusades the bowman gets one shot. Its a balancing ruling that we made, though I'm not sure I agree with it in its entirely. Todd, playing Stark, sure as  heck DOES not agree with it. But he suffers through.

I came to his defense in the argument last night and sited this video, which I believe I've posted before. I can't tell how accurate she is, but she does let fly a whole bunch of arrows.

Probably to bring in the realism of the shooting, the chances to penetrate armor would have to be reduced.


Deogolf said...

Well, if its a weapon they commonly train with, 2 shots; if not, go with one. If the person wants to fire two and does not have a bow as proficiency, then start adding negatives to hit for the second shot, say -2. If they want to fire more, -4, third shot; -6, fourth; or, however you want to break it down.

Dirty Bowbe said...

What's a proficiency? 😈
Let them take second or even third shots or three for one... But add an excruciating penalty to every shot.-2,-4,-8,-16 ect.Basically however many activities a trained expert could pull off in six seconds. I would even consider that for melee...but also start scaling down damage after the first swing.

SteveTheDM said...

See ... Don't store the arrows in a quiver and you can get really fast rates of fire.

Lord Dynel said...

I'd follow the rules of the CKG, were I to allow multiple shots. Thematically, I can see the point of allowing multiple shots, while seeing the balance aspect as well. Though I wasn't planning on it at first, in my upcoming campaign, I plan on allowing the CKG variant for allowing multiple shots at the expense of accuracy. I figure if the player wants to take that chance, I'm okay with them firing multiple times.