Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dark Skies

Not sure what is going on in this trailer, don't generally go for horror flicks, but this one looks pretty good I must say. A little classic horror it looks like.

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Philo Pharynx said...

Possible speculative spoilers ahead:

I'm not sure if this is "the trailer that reveals the twist" or "the trailer that fakes you out". Both are bad news. The first part of the treailer implies a haunting/possession type movie and the later part implies a alien abduction type movie. (at least as I read it)

If this is the basic structure of the movie, then the trailer has taken the suspense out of the first part. I remember the movie "What Lies Beneath" (spoilers) In it, the first part of the movie is a red herring about a boyfirend that may have killed the missing girl. But the trailer reveals that Harrison Ford had an affair with her. So you aren't going to be fooled by the red herring, which makes a big chunk of the movie pointless.

Likewise "the Sixth Sense" has you waiting until the kid says he sees dead people. If you didn't see the trailer, then the first part of the movie is much better.