Sunday, February 26, 2012

Water World is for Reals

Scientists have discovered or determined that (insert Aliens voiceover from debriefing room) 'planet GJ 1214b is not a rock, not a rock at all.'

A new class of planet has emerged from the buzzing masses of celestial spinners, a type unlike the rocky, gassy and icy worlds shuffling around the solar system.

The poster-planet for this new order is GJ 1214b, first discovered in 2009 and now shown to be a steamy, water-rich sphere. But it’s not a water-world in the sense of splashing oceans and Kevin Costner: Scientists suspect that the planet’s interior is filled with some exotic, high-pressure form of solid H2O unlike anything seen on Earth.

The planet is just 6.5 times more massive than Earth and about 2.7 times bigger in diameter. It circles a small star about 42 light-years away.

I wonder when they will discover that Weird World is for Reals.


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Stephen Chenault said...

Best comic story/fantasy arc thing of all time!