Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Ok are there really that many movies out there

that make me go, ehhh?

So, I get a little bored and wander over to the google entertainment center and type in a random word. Can't remember the word. Within a few pages I end up at a beheading, thence to a medieval beheading, thence to jomvikings, thence to romania, thence to some re-enactment society, thence to a movie set, thence to a movie, thence to another and

here. This crazy movie movie looks crazy crazy. Also, it makes me think there are a lot of 'fantasy' movies out there I have not seen (and likely do not care to see).

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tonybro001 said...

I stumbled across this a couple of weeks back and it has a couple of interesting things I've not seen before.

The whole movie has a weird steampunk and fantasy flavour, which is used mostly for the Bloodsteel powered artifacts, but you see it dotted about the place.

The weirdest thing was the humans, elves and goblin races living and working together. Definitely some mileage in that idea.

Not the greatest fantasy movie but not the worst either.