Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Insightful view of LARPing - on dopomine

So another meander about the web world and I stumbled across this article in the Austin 360. It is about LARPing. I'll admit that many long years ago I thought LARPing was a bit over the top. But then I realized about a nano-second later I played D&D. LARPing is not for me, I don't have enough thespian in me to manage it. I never even pulled off the 'fake sick' routine as a kid. Also, most LARPing themes do not appeal to me. I will admit that I would like to join a ren fair as a dwarf or court jester, or even a stack of hay though.


Truth be told, I would like a sort steam punk, techno, doc savage, Indiana Jones styled and themed LARP.

But I still couldn't act or would feel frightfully foolish around other LARPers.

Which brings me to this comment from the author,

I suggest that LARPing is purer — the pretense that the event is being staged for an audience's (rather than the performers') enjoyment is stripped away, leaving only the sincere pleasure of the activity for its own sake.

I believe this to be a fair assessment and kind description of LARPing. I likes it.

Then again, this makes me wonder


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