Friday, February 03, 2012

If you eat a troll????

So, if a characger eats a troll, lock, stock and toes, will the troll regenerate inside of him? If so, what happens to the character?

Can a cleric cast create food and water inside someone's belly?

Can a cleric cast cure light wounds on someone before removing the arrow and have the skin heal around the arrow? If so, can one make a living pin cushio? A better yet, a lving porcupine all bristling with arrowa.

Can a cleric cast time stop inside a timestop - forever?

I shall begin examing the application of spells and their industrial uses tonight. Imagine a world of indutrialized magic. It would probably look something like, well, like america.


Drance said...

Or the D&D Eberron setting? ;-)

Matthew said...

Stomach ACID.

Victor Von Dave said...

Amazingly that troll one has come up quite a bit, I remember it being dealt with in the Sage Advice Dragon column back in the 2e era (I think they went with the stomach acid). I also remember an article dealing with trolls (maybe an ecology article?) that had this as the method of troll reproduction - the eaten chunks of troll would regenerate inside a creatures stomach until it grew large enough to claw out and the unfortunate victim gave 'birth' to a new baby troll. Ewww.

Anonymous said...

If you can eat a troll either 1) it is dead and cannot regenerate or ii) the creature is massive and would have strong enough stomach acid to kill the troll.

Anonymous said...

I think CLW would push the arrow out.
Unless you're using some supplement, a cleric can only have one casting of Time Stop as a domain spell so the answer to that one is no.

- Grandpa Chet said...

If you can stand to eat a troll, I say your stomach is strong enough to digest it before it can regenerate. As a GM, I would rule that the PC might just gain a limited number of regenerations him or herself.