Friday, July 01, 2011

Scientist find new form of communication

Apparently, this obscure and forgotten form of communication surprised scientists because it
pre-dates the Twitter and Facebook generations by more than 400 years
With it, scientist have discovered that people,

discussed topical issues covering language and literature, through the visual and performing arts, to science, technology, medicine and astronomy.
Yet this 780,000 pound research project is not over because they have yet to discover "how intellectual discussions were conducted."

So, I assume they will ask for more money to fund the project.

I will humbly submit an answer for them. Its called writing letters. Using an ancient instrument called a pen, people were able to transfer thoughts and ideas onto an object called paper. They would the send the papers to one another via courier. The recipient would read the thoughts written on the paper and then even perhaps respond to them.



Kevin said...

pffft... social networking and communication predate the 'net. That's just junk science.
What's next? Shorthand language predates texting? I say pull their funding for such heresy!

Davis Chenault said...

Its crazy. One finds assumptions like this all of the time.

Its been several months, but I read where some arhcaeologis were simply 'astonished' that a tribe had migrated 1000 miles in a year. They did this thousands of years ago - without horses. They could not imagine such a thing.

Really. Really. Its called walking. At ten miles a day or 1 mile an hour that's about 1000 miles in 4 months. One mile an hour is slow. Imagine if you had a year - even with gear - at 3 miles a day you still have 1000 miles.

Gratuitous Saxon Violence said...

Are you sure their astonishment was at the capability of traveling a thousand miles in a year, or at the willingness or motivation to do so?

In the US, I'd bet at least half the people have never traveled farther than a thousand miles from their birthplace. Something that could be accomplished in a very long day of driving. But they have no reason to do so.

I bet the astonishment was more as to why the tribe did so. Whether it was for food resources or because of some conflict with another tribe, a thousand miles seems to be a great distance to go to resolve that issue.