Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The Horrid Barnacle Tree

The tree is rare rare rare. It looks very much like a Maple tree for most of its growth cycle. Often people mistake it for such. After about 100 years the tree really grows fast and fusrious reaching heights of 120 feet or more and fans out in a broad umbrella of dark green leafy branches. In the spring it puts out ever large and larger flowers. These flowers can reach 4 feet in width. They are white with the exception of a single white vein grows down the middle of the petal. These flowers last all summer.

On the last day of fall, the flowers close. The following midnight they open up. And zombies come pouring out.

Or whatever creature of the night you want. Ghasts, ghosts, wights etc.

The tree grows on ancient execution sites or old battlegrounds.

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