Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Border's out of business

399 stores going up in smoke - or auction I guess.

40 years. Poof. The market for books changes, slowly but surely, the internet and e-books/publishing is having its impact.

The up side to the democratization of publishing is that more people can publish. The downside is that more people can publish.


Ronin78 (Gaming Ronin) said...

As a kindle owner I'm kinda sad. But then again I bet the guy who dried papyrus was kinda pissed when paper came along.

Look at the post office. Being held in business by netflix and junk mail. Not sure that makes E-mail bad. But it had a bad effect on the postal service.

maasenstodt said...

The case that too many individuals having the ability to publish is a bad thing is analogous to the case that too many recipes to choose from when cooking is a bad thing.

While both might require a bit more investigation to find the gems, there's no doubt that they allow more gems to abound.

More importantly, and going beyond just publishing books, because the gatekeepers of information are rapidly losing power, there are niches being served and different perspectives gaining traction to a degree never before seen in human history.

It strikes me as a wonderful bargain to gain all that in exchange for some companies with poor business models to close up shop.