Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Ambidexterity/left handed = bad

I got locked into an article reading frenzy this morning beginning with one about the predominance of right-handedness amongst human ancestors 500,000 years ago. There is a left brain brain hemisphere language connection. I think this is fairly well established if not completely understood. The contention in the article is that language was developed by 500,000 years ago as indicated by the predominance of right handedness amongst the study's subjects.

That article led to an article on the association of ambidexterity with "mental health disorder, language problems and scholastic problems." The following forms of analysis are, to be polite, bothersome,

When the children were aged 8, the researchers asked parents and teachers to assess their linguistic abilities, scholastic performance and behaviour. The teachers reported whether children had difficulties in reading, writing or mathematics and rated the children's academic performance as below average, average or above average.

The adolescents' parents and the adolescents themselves completed follow-up questionnaires when they were 15-16 years of age, with the children evaluating their school performance in relation to their peers and the parents assessing their children's behaviour, on a questionnaire that is widely used to identify ADHD symptoms.
A lack of brain hemisphere dominance (for most people the left hemisphere is quite dominant) may result in behavior/learning patterns that are not found amongst those who are abject slaves and servants to their left hemisphere (notice that shout out to freedom loving right hemisphere people). I think it unfair. In an respec the right hemisphere does control some aspects of language.

Anyway, that lead to an article associating left handedness with genes and with dyslexia.  

Then to this article on a gene associated with and perhaps even giving rise to left handedness.

Then to this article beggering the association of dishonesty with left handedness.

And on. Check the links and follow them around.

My opinion? I associate left handedness with mental flexibility and, I posit gently and with no evidence, immediate adaptive advantages in the cultural sphere.

Now, on to some castles. Maybe a castle designed by a left handed architect.

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TheClone said...

I associate everything positive with lef-handedness as for I am left handed :)