Monday, June 20, 2011

Re-thinking the AC

In most games, armor class is a static representation of a character's defense with armor being the most significant contribution to that rating (until magic items come into play). As a character levels up, their attack bonus goes up but their AC does not (excepting the monk).

Skill plays virtually no role in AC. I intend to remedy that. Everyone in my game will suddenly become AC 1.

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Keith Davies said...

I expect to do something like this in Echelon (, in progress). Armor class is armor bonus plus base attack bonus plus ability score modifier (I don't bother with Max Dex on armor -- and might even consider using Str modifier for heavy armor in place of Dex).

This means your suit of full plate stays relevant through your entire career, when you go up against someone with comparable BAB.

This scheme would likely fall down if I hadn't ditched enhancement bonuses, though.