Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Help solve the Roman 12-sider

Update. Excellent site.


No one really knows why these were made or for what they were used. An article here and here gives some ideas and background. There is a facebook page where you can throw out your own ideas. There is more information out there, so just google it.

I will dismiss its religious use off the bat. I will meander about the next day or two and see if I can locate some well researched articles concerning the artifact so that there is some context for it - and presumably better interpretations for its utility will follow. 


Jason said...

It's clearly the remains of an ancient alien probe left behind to keep tabs on early man. Duh.

D Collins said...

That looks like a locket. It's a type of jewelry that you could open and place a small sprig of oiled incense into.

Davis Chenault said...

Alien probe - you said probe :)

I was thinking of a map tool or calendrical device/measuring device. It is found primarily associated with military encampments.