Friday, June 17, 2011

Conan's Parents

Do you think Conan ever missed his parents?


Norman Harman said...

On the one hand No because he's a fictional character and I don't remember any stories (at least Howard) ones in which he does.

OTOH Yes cause he's human. It's one of the things that makes him dark and broody.

Matt said...

Not if he takes careful aim.

troll said...

Ulfgar, with heavy foot, comes in. "Ingreed, where is Conan"

Ingreed looks up with brooding despair, "I haven't seen him."

A young man walks through the door as Ingreed answers. He slings a bear skin down ontothe floor. "I hear he went to Valerium with the others."

"What?! That boy! He never finished chopping the wood."

DRANCE said...
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DRANCE said...

Well, I'm not sure in the original Howard stories if the subject of his parents ever came up. Movie-Conan (Ahnold) missed his parents sumpin fierce! And I believe in the pastiche stories we see a young Conan who mourns dead parents (I could be wrong though). But the original depiction by Howard of Conan would brook no such weakness!