Saturday, April 30, 2011

Worlds of Epic Adventure

We have at last released Dark Journey, the first full length published adventure module by Kim Hartsfield. This thing is just awesome!

I am very pleased to announce that Peter and I have at last finished the map of the World of Aihrde...well, that's not entirely a correct statement. The World of Aihrde is a huge place, roughly 7500 miles in diameter, with a circumference of 23000 miles. There are six continents and scores of smaller land masses, three major oceans and a dozen or so seas. It is peopled throughout . . . but I digress.

The Map that we have finished is that portion of Aihrde that serves as the heart of the world, where the peoples of Aenoch and Ethrum first met and from where the Unklar the Horned God ruled for the thousand years of the Millennial Dark. It is called by scholars The Cradle of the World or more commonly (in the Vulgate) the Lands of Ursal, being a reference to a great Ursal Bridge that connected the lands of Ethrum and Aenoch. Built by the Dwarves in ages past it stood the test of time, only thrown down by the Ethrum Kings in their bitter wars with Aenochians.

So that map that we have finished is that of the Lands of Ursal, the Cradle of the World. Peter Bradley has out done him self with this map and I am very pleased with its final look.

This should be made available for consumption in the coming week. All that remains now is to decide how to print the map, what type of paper and format. We had at first wanted to present 9 maps, one each of a section of Ursal, but looking at the final it seems a shame to cut it up. Now we are exploring methods to get one large map printed (the final is 55 x 36), or perhaps two smaller ones. As we muse over this, please check out the map and give us your thoughts; it always helps to clarify our thinking to hear opinions from those other than in the shop.

Larger look of the Lands of Ursal.


Jennifer Martin said...

Big maps. Big is good. Rolled, not folded please. Excited to have this available before free RPG day when we will be hosting a one off at the local store to get others in our area hooked on C&C

Omote said...

Now is the time for MORE mapping projects for Mr Bradley!