Friday, April 15, 2011

To Egypt Wars We Go!

Well, a couple of us anyway. Despite a massive storm delaying the trip, Steve and Todd left this morning to the Con called Egypt Wars in Carbondale, IL.  It's a Con we have been going to for years, and one of Steve's favorite for that very reason among others.  Scott Thorne owns and runs Castle Perilous, a great gaming store in Carbondale, IL.  Three days of gaming, good times and more gaming, Steve and Todd will be living it up while Davis, Mark and myself toil in the Dens. 

Myself, I've got a spring cold, which has meant that the twitter feed and usual rabble I produce each day has been diminished somewhat.  But we do have our Twitter only sale ongoing today and this weekend I'll be bringing pics and info and anything else they will send me from Egypt Wars.  Plus, I'm going to do a huge bundle sale over the weekend; bringing back some of our more popular bundles and making some new ones as well. 

But for now, it's time for me to take some more cold medicine and drink some tea.  So, until later, I bid you good day... Tim


jen said...

Sorry you aren't feeling well Tim. Sorry also that Carbondale is clear at the other end of the state. I'd have loved to go to the con.

Tim Burns said...

Thanks, Jen. I'm feeling a bit better today, just tired and very little energy to do much other than pet trolldog maggie and watch the redsox hopefully get on track.

Anonymous said...

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