Monday, April 11, 2011

Burn, Baby, Burn...Upcoming titles...Monday Markdowns

Hope everyone had a great weekend, mine was spent outside, cutting down trees, brush, bramble and burning it all -- in 90 degree heat.  Add the heat of the fire and we were way too hot.  My two friends and I would have to take frequent breaks and get in the water.  But it is starting to look better and I will, just for fun, put up some pics of it later on the yfrog feed.  We didn't get nearly as much done as we wanted to, but that just means we will have to do it again.  Cooler weather next time, I hope.

As you may or may not know, our latest release was the Book of Familiars for Pathfinder. It is still on sale at our store at a reduced price when you pre-order it directly from us.  You can find it here: Pathfinder Book of Familiars.  This price will only last until it is ready for shipping and taken off pre-order, which will likely be by the end of this week, so hurry and get your copy today. 

Our next offering for Castles & Crusades will be Dark Journey, a dungeon adventure cast in the classic mode. Here the CK is able to present the players a network of inter-connecting halls, rooms, chambers, cellars and more. A wizard's old hold, it offers libraries guarded by strange monsters, laboratories, cellars, trapped chambers and more; here lies the wizard's forgotten wealth, his magic, his money, his artifacts. But the adventurer must be wary for wizard's do not idly set treasures down but that they are trapped or protected by guards and wards and monsters summoned from dark places.  It will be available soon through our TLG Store and in PDF as well.

And since it is Monday, we have a few special markdowns for you as well.  They are as follows and will last through Friday night:
Mortality of Green (PDF) Get it for 50% off!
A7 Beneath the Despairing Stone (PDF) Also at 50% savings for the week only
Castles & Crusades: A Starter Guide (PDF) I'm excited to bring this one back, it's got great value and you get everything you need to get up and running with C&C and more, including a 3D Dungeon model from Fat Dragon Games!

That's all for now, hope all is well with everyone! Thanks, Tim

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