Friday, April 01, 2011

April Fools' "No Foolin' Around" Sale

April Fools' Day is upon us but aside from a prank we almost pulled (a press release of the merging of Troll Lord Games and Fat Dragon Games called Fat Troll Games; complete with a fat, red troll with a dragon's head that bore an eerie resemblance to a sick love child between Steve and Tom), we are not kidding around about the savings you can get. :-)

We've decided to combine our Twitter only Friday sale and the 48 hour weekend sale into one grand party and make the savings last from now until Sunday night.  All of these bundle deals are going away after this sale, so now is the time to stock up.  Here is a rundown of things that are marked down:

World of Aihrde All in One Bundle -- This gives you everything you need to get started playing Castles & Crusades and much, much more.  Players Handbook, Monsters and Treasure, adventures, timelines, maps -- it's got it all. Only $49.99
C&C "A" Series Adventure Pack! -- Ever wanted to have the complete set of A0 - A7 Adventures?  Well, now you can, all at one very low price, over 66% off cover price. $9.99
C&C Haunted Highlands Adventure Pack -- All the Haunted Highland Adventures, Deities, DB series all together in one pack and at the same price as the "A" series. $9.99
James Ward Bundle -- If you are a fan of James Ward (and really, who isn't?) you will want to get this deal.  In honor of Mr. Ward, who was with us at Gary Con, we are offering all of his material (Tainted Lands, Towers of Adventure Master, Of Gods & Monsters) written for Troll Lord Games at over 50% off in one bundle! 

Get these while you can, because by Sunday night, these bundle deals will all be gone!

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Thanks, Tim

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