Wednesday, March 23, 2011

One more day then we are off to Wisconsin!

In a little more than 24 hours, we will be on our way to Gary Con, in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.  Look for tweets, facebook stuff, blogs, pictures on our yfrog (seen at the bottom of this blog), even some youtube videos from the road and the con.  you should be able to reach us through twitter using the #garycon.  we'll be checking that regularly along with everything else so if you have questions for us about the con or anything, we are still around.  Steve will be running some C&C games and I'll try to get some video and still of that, also some pics of him sleeping, which I'm sure will occur as soon as we get on the road. :-)

Actually, I recently got my phone set up for tethering to my laptop (thanks to Ed from All Things Fun) so we can still work on the road; Steve may try to write some and do some online stuff on the 12 hour trek north.  He's working on his part of A8 Forsaken Mountain and I'll edit some while he drives, if he drives.  I tend to like to drive, especially since (as I mentioned earlier) Steve tends to fall asleep.

If you are going to be at Gary Con, you might want to know we are going to be exhibiting and selling while we are there, so make sure to stop by our booth to pick up some goodies, or even just to say hi.  I've not met a lot of you in person but have talked online, so it'll be a treat for me to be able to put some faces to names, maybe share a beer or two.  They have a bar at the lodge, right?  I'm looking forward to Blue Moon's summer honeymoon beer, but I've been enjoying darker stuff through the winter, guinness and other stouts.  Probably will be doing more of that too while in WI, since the weather is colder than it is here in Arkansas.  It will be comparable to Maine, so it'll be a nice blast of cold air for me.

Have you guys checked out the Loot website yet? It's run by Ed Healy and a few other folk; it's a pretty neat concept and we hope to maybe try putting a few of our products up there in the near future.  We'll be sure to let you know if that happens.  Ed's got a lot of great ideas and projects going, so if you are interested in games, gaming, the analysis of gaming and the industry, you should check him out.

A big congratulations to our friends at Fat Dragon Games, as their new release Realms of the Dwarf Lords: Mountains & Cliffs was released today.  Another great product by Tom and his crew, and it's already #1 on the best seller list at RPGNow.

Please note, the 2 hour Wednesday sale is happening at 6pm CST this week.  The times change each week to accommodate people from all around who want a chance to get in on it. I'll post it here and on Twitter, Facebook, C&C Society, all the usual spots.  Three hour Thursday might be a bit trickier as we are on the road, but we'll try and figure something out.

Finally, a quick reminder to check out our C&C Society and TLG Forums if you haven't already.  More and more people are joining each day and some really great info is being traded around and people are meeting each other, planning games, talking about C&C and other RPG related stuff. 

That's all for now, thanks!  Tim


charleyp1 said...

You had better not forget that Arkansas Moonshine! I picked up a bottle of Caol Isla scotch yesterday... ;-) Looking forward to meeting the Trolls and swapping poison. By the way, skip the Bluemoon and sink your lips into the Spotted Cow.

Tim Burns said...

I'll try the spotted cow. Is it a Wisconsin beer? If i had my druthers I'd have a Magic Hat No.9 or a Black Fly Stout from Gritty's in Maine, but one must make do. The scotch is what is making me salivate!