Monday, March 14, 2011

News from the Trolls -- Specials and Notes on TrollCon, etc.

Now that the major sales have come to a close, both the GM's Day Sale and our $10 Print Sale, we can go back to our regular "Specials" schedule.  Mondays we usually have a few items from our PDF catalog marked down; so here is what we have this week, expiring Friday, March 18:

The Malady of Kings, from 12.99 to 8.99
SG1 Engineering Dungeons, from 9.95 to 5.99
A6 Banishment and Blight, from 4.99 to 2.50
A1 Assault on Blacktooth Ridge, from 4.99 to 2.50
Monsters and Treasure of Aihrde, from 24.99 to 12.50

Remember, these sales will only last until Friday, so get your savings as soon as you can. 

It's always busy here at the TrollDens.  Steve is writing and doing a million other things, Mark is printing/cutting paper, making books, and I'm editing/selling, sitting around making fun of Steve's choice of music.   And before you know it, TrollCon will be upon us.  Right now we are looking at July.  Lots of people have been asking about it, and we are working hard to secure a convention hall and a block of rooms that can accommodate us.  As soon as we have the dates secured, we will let you know through all available channels.  This year promises to be even more fun, with the release of the CKG since last TrollCon and we have a few more surprises and tricks up our sleeves for you. 

Also, expect some announcements in the next few days about some new releases!

Alright, that's it for now I guess.  If you have any questions or comments, please leave them and I will be happy to read/respond; a lot of good ideas and discourse can be started this way, so please feel free to comment and discuss.  Thanks! -- Tim

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