Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Markdowns and a Question about Laptop use on the Road

Good morning all...

Last week we came up with two bundles in PDF, an "A" Series Adventure Pack! and a World of Aihrde All in One bundle.  They weren't part of any regular special, just something we wanted to do to see if people would like them.  And they have, lots of people have bought it and others have requested it stay active for longer.  So, we are going to continue to offer both of those sale bundles through this week; until we get back from GaryCon.

A note on the "A" Series Adventure Pack. When I bundled up the series, I inadvertently left A3 out.  I've since fixed that and it now has all of them, A0 - A7.  Please contact me if you have any questions regarding this.

So, Monday's Markdowns are as follows:

"A" Series Adventure Pack! only 9.99 You get all the "A" Series Adventures, at one really low price.
World of Airhde All in One Bundle only 49.99 This one has so many things in it, you just have to see it to believe it.  Everything you need and so much more. 
We are also going to offer one more thing for sale all week, and that is:
Tainted Lands  It regularly sells for 29.99, but this week, it's only 9.99

Before I go for now, does anyone know of a good way for us Trolls to use a laptop while we roam the country?  When one is driving, the other can be working, tweeting, updating, and not just on a tiny phone (frankly, Steve tries to destroy my phone each time he touches it LOL) but on a laptop.  @Mindea on Twitter mentioned a company called Clear and another, @Sajflorida told me to check with some ISPs.  I will follow up on those today but just wanted to pose the question here too.


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charleyp1 said...

An air card. Go to Bestbuy/Fry's/any cell phone store and ask them for a cellular modem for your laptop. They cost anwhere from $0 to $200 and have a monthly fee. You want it to be at least 3G (4G if it's available). Expect a monthly fee of $35-$50.