Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bundled Specials

Hey, Wanted to let you know about two specials we have going in PDF, these are really great deals:

The first is what we are calling the World of Aihrde All in One Bundle.  It's just loaded with stuff, the Players Handbook, Monsters & Treasure, Of Gods & Monsters, Mortality of Green, Shades of Mist, Lure of Delusion, tons of Aihrde Maps, and even more.  For a full listing of all items in the bundle and to purchase and download now, you can get it here: World of Aihrde All in One Bundle.

The second one is called C&C "A" Series Adventure Pack and it includes all of the A Series Adventures, from A1 up to the brand new in PDF A7.  This pack is over 60% off regular price.

Thanks and we hope you enjoy these bundles!


Robert said...

I bought the A series bundle, but I already have all the rule books and monster books in PDF, so the other bundle wasn't worth me buying.

Tim Burns said...

That's part of why we decided to do two new bundles, one for people who already have most of the main books and another for people who may be new to C&C and wanted to get the rule books and we put some more stuff in there too to help get them started.