Tuesday, March 21, 2017

What Game Do You Play?

What Game Do You Play?
There are a plethora of FRPGs on the market today. You’ve probably played several of them, if not a veritable host of them. You’ve hacked your way through the simple, and you’ve trudged your way through the complex. They all offer a little something, it's why you keep playing.

As you know, all FRPGs are driven by some mechanic. Some are highly intricate, others very simple. You use them to establish the game you want to play. From fast paced to high tactical combat rules to opposed checks on interactions with NPCs. It’s all part of the gaming landscape you’ve helped create.

I’m the same as you. I’ve tried a host of games and a host of rule sets. My game of choice was always AD&D…I played it even after we released Castles & Crusades. I only stopped my AD&D game when the designers (both regular players at my table) revolted and said no more AD&D until I at least tried C&C once. I reluctantly agreed.

I’ve never gone back.

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