Friday, March 17, 2017

Castles & Crusades Stays True

So as many of you know, and some may not, Castles & Crusades is a rules-lite fantasy RPG that hasn't changed in over a decade. It is on its 7th printing (on Kickstarter now, check it out here!) and the rules are all the same (only the barbarian changed in all these years and printings).

Here's a picture that proves that's true. Here you'll see Davis leaning on the 2nd printing. The Fouth printing is behind the screens with me. Chris is in the back with the 5th printing by his dice box and Mac's printing is on a PDF on the phone in front of him. I'm not sure what Todd is using, but my guess is the first printing as he doesn't like change very much. (Kim Hartsfield is msissing form the pciture but he seems to have the 4th printing in front of him).

All very cool and true to form.


Anonymous said...

Cool. (It looks like the DP problem is a family problem, not a community problem. :)

Troll Lord said...

Yeah, he drinks whatever is near his hand! ;) Steve