Friday, August 12, 2016

It's Not Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

It's muther#(*&@#& Castles & Crusades! The original Bare Knuckles Role Playing. I was talking the game up to someone at Gencon and he said "It's just another version of..." But that's just not right. It's not another version of AD&D....
 It's an RPG that is so streamlined I can run a pick up game of 21 players and still have fast moving combats.

It's an RPG that you are able to guide the mechanics to fit the story.

It's an RPG that allows me to set up a table of 9 never before played people and be playing within 20 minutes.

It's fast, furious fun. Like two kids in California's Kubla Khan told me at 3 oclock in the morning after running a pick up game for them...It's Bare Knuckle Role Playing!

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