Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Knights of Haven

This order was founded in latter days of the Winter Dark Wars. As the worship of Demeter spread throughout the lands, pilgrims began to flock to the town of Haven. The distant locale of the town upon the slopes of Mount Tur across the Inner Sea made the journey arduous. Pilgrims had to cross the pirate infested seas or travel overland through Zeitz and Trondheim. So many pilgrims were lost on the road that a knight, Francis the Blessed, founded a clerical military order of hospitalers to protect them.

The Knights of Haven attracted many young converts of Demeter and soon became a stalwart pillar in the religion of that god. Through the patronage of the Church of Avignon and the Kingdom of Augsberg, the Knights were able to found a host of castles along the roads of pilgrimage.

Today the knights are a large, if scattered, order. Many of their castles are occupied by only three to four knights, and a dozen sergeants or attendants. Many of the knights travel singularly, protecting those in need. The order relies upon the individual’s own ethics and honor to maintain its strict and disciplined code. Their largest castles, most notably the Hafunich, are in the March of Zeitz. The present guild master is Eurich von Mager-Falkenheim of Aachen.

~ The Players Guide to Aihrde

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