Monday, November 16, 2015

World of Aihrde ~ The Darkenfold

Gottland Wood

The Gottland Wood is a large stretch of forest that extends from the Long Branch to Round Top, the Post Road and the Powder River. It serves as the heart of the Troll Glades, for here Troll Lords gather in greater numbers than anywhere in the Lands of Ursal. They move about slowly, rooting to the ground like the trees they once were, waiting for any that might pass by so that they can slay them and devour them.

Their influence has poisoned the earth, the rooting toes spilling their own evil essence into the blackened soil and this poison has spread to the trees that grow here as well. In consequence the trees are stunted, ranging only about 60 feet tall with thick, but narrow canopies. Their boles are wide and limbs grow low the ground. Mosses grow in abundance on boles and limbs alike. The forest is malevolent as well, entering the eves of it one feels their thoughts upon them, seeking to push them out. Often the trees crowd in on travelers blocking their paths or moving in toward camps.

It is dark here, darker than usual. The trees grow tight, boring into the ground, or stretching out their roots across large shelves of rock that jut over creeks and ponds. It is a tangle of dark thought that attracts will o’ wisps at night, who call to travelers to leave off the road and enter the wood, there to be devoured and lost forever.

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