Monday, November 09, 2015


Between the Long Branch and Rachel's Run lies the Tuskland. This is the land of the boar, wild pigs, called razorbacks. The beasts grow up to 5 feet at the shoulder and can weight hundreds of pounds. They are vicious and semi-intelligent, descendants of wereboar from long ago. They are mean, aggressive and vindictive. As well, they have long memories and will remember a hunter long after they have the Tuskland. They are the terror of travelers on the Post Road.

Because of the herds of razorbacks, that sometimes grow to 30-40, the trees are a particularly tough breed of oak. There are large black oaks, their bark thick and gnarled, their canopies huge and dense. These beasts of trees can withstand the constant rutting and tusk scraping of the boars. The vegetation grows dense in the Tuskland, the earth is rich and damp and constantly churned by the pigs, making for fresh growth most every spring. But it is a growth filled with small thorny hawthorne trees, devil's walking sticks, coral bean plants and other thorny flora.

It is a region prized to hunters and rangers, but a dangerous one. Orcs come here in large numbers, hunting the wild pigs. But dwarves do as well, seeking beasts to train as mounts.

~The Darkenfold

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