Monday, November 09, 2015

Primeval Man ... Today

This kid will rule Brazil, and maybe the world some day.

Seems his mother put the 18th month old toddler outside to play in the fenced yard. He got real quiet so she went to check on him. She found him short order, toys strewn about, covered in mud, blood and sweet scent of victory...there was a snake in his mouth. The battle was not finished when the mother intervened. The snake was struggling to escape, but to no avail, the child would not let it go.

It took two adults to pry the snake free and rescue the animal from his primeval pursuer!

The boy was rushed to the hospital as the snake was highly venomous, a jararaca.

He looks quite aggravated that someone took his kill from  him.

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John Matthew Stater said...

Sounds like Zeus took some R&R in Brazil recently.