Monday, November 09, 2015


The room is musty and stinks of someone's unwashed body. On the floor is a pile of blankets, arranged into a sleeping mat. A large dark stained bag sits in the corner. A short sword leans against it. A small pile of food, fruits, nuts, roots and a dead rat lay on the floor not far from the bag. On a stool, beside the sleeping blankets sits a small water clock. The walls are pealing and covered in all manner of scrawl.

Under the bedding is a wickedly curved, stained +1 dagger. Its the weapon Entcheon favors, as he prefers to kill victims that are sleeping or otherwise helpless. The water clock is his other prized possession. It is small, made of gold and platinum and keeps perfect time. The water is contained and circulates from the holding container to the reservoir. It is clearly magical and worth about 1000gp.

This is the layer of entcheon, an eldritch goblin...he loves that clock above all things and will pursue any and all who manhandle it to the ends of time.

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