Monday, November 30, 2015

Aihrde ~ Cult of the Sword

Guilds of Aihrde, The Cult of the Sword

This mercenary order was founded soon after the Winter Dark Wars by Tiberious Claudious, after his master Agrippa failed to overthrow the ruling Consuls of the Republic of Brindisium. Tiberious and the other survivors were driven into exile. Tiberious harkened to his ancestors for guidance, and received a vision of Augustus, a great warrior from the Age of Heroes. It was his sword, now an heirloom, that Tiberious carried in battle. In the vision, Tiberious saw the disparity in wealth between those who fought for Kings and the Kings themselves.

Tiberious began to work toward founding a order of unaffiliated warriors and mercenaries, loosely bound together and following a simple code. The Cult of the Sword was born. The movement spread far and wide, and most who carry blades under its cause wear the tattoo of the Cult, a simple gladius sword on the upper left forearm with the name Tiberious Augustus stenciled around it.

The Code of the Cult is simple – members identify themselves to one another and state who they are fighting against. Any member who finds their opponent to be a member of the Cult can refuse to fight them for any reason without losing honor or face. In some places, particularly in the Gelderland towns and the cleaver pits there, the Cult is very powerful and its members control who lives and who dies.

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