Wednesday, September 17, 2014

UFO Files

Now this is interesting. A military combat instructor (personal combat) has reported a UFO sighting in North Carolina. He claims to have video . . . well that's not a claim, he HAS video . . . of the UFO. He describes it as a triangular shaped craft, flying silently but that he was able to "see through" the UFO.

Indeed when you look at the video it creates an interesting view of being invisible, other than the flashing lights. He reports that as he was looking at the UFO he could see stars "through" it. Furthermore he could not see it with the naked eye, only his night vision goggles.

The triangular pattern of the lights was unfamiliar as well.

All that said he doesn't feel it was an alien craft, but rather some advanced military craft with a cloaking device. in all a very interesting and credible report. .

You can read the entire UFO report here

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