Thursday, September 11, 2014

UFO Files

As I mentioned in an earlier post UFO sightings are way up across the United States and the world for the matter. Hundreds of UFOs were reported in August alone. These are sightings reported to MUFON (the Mutual UFO network) who, once they receive a report send out a field investigator to unravel the mystery. The majority of cases, about 75% are shown to be natural or man made phenomena, IFOs.

But occasionally there are strange ones.

One that caught my eye (though hasn't been investigated yet) occurred this past week in Arizona. A rancher hard the rumble of jets, as he often does, but when he looked up in the moonlite sky he noticed a boomerang shaped object with 5 lights on its deck being escorted by 2 fighter jets. The jets escorted the UFO into the south, and then moments later, returned without the UFO.

This could be an experimental aircraft, or maybe, just maybe the Air Force had to investigate some kind of flying object, a UFO.  Full Story.

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