Friday, September 26, 2014

Of the Binding of the Sun & Moon

When Unklar saw that the Day Star burned bright but held no life of its own, and the Evening Star was the same, and the Shroud of Darkness weakened what little light they held, he tracked down the Sisters in the limitless waste of the Maelstrom and bid them return to Aihrde. Unklar took the shape of an elderly man with long beard and kindly visage. In his image he looked as an old dwarf, or other kindly being, and though the Sisters knew Unklar, it softened their minds to him. He recanted his evil deeds, speaking regretfully of the world’s suffering and the death of many plants and animals, and he bid the Sisters return to make the world thrive in their light. The Sisters resisted only a little, for they were possessed of a great sorrow at all the loss, and Unklar cleverly cast himself as a wounded creature who had meant no harm. They returned then to Aihrde and too late learned his great deceit, for in the deeps of Aufstrag he had forged great chains, the Urlnarch.

When the Sisters came to Aihrde, Unklar heaped them in the Urlnarch and bound them both to the world and the world to them. Thus the Sisters could not leave Aihrde of their own volition, but remained chained to it, and it is said that in the still quiet one may hear the grinding of the Urlnarch in the heavens over Aihrde as the moon and sun pass over.

The Moon and the Sun hurled now through the heavens apart and rarely came to each other, and they knew great sorrow, for ever in the past they had enjoyed one another the more when they raced through the heavens together. This suffering none could heal, even after the Dark fell from Aufstrag and returned to the Void beyond.

~The Codex of Aihrde

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