Wednesday, September 17, 2014

God of Stone

In the early days many creatures followed the works of the All Father, invisible armies living in his shadows, fearful yet adoring, curious yet arrogant in their own power. Burol was one such powerful spirit; he suffered not the arrogance of his fellows, but he listened to the All Father and watched his labors. He understood little of his language or the act of creation, excepting the nature of stone and rock. Whenever the All Father worked in stone, Burol could see it and grasped it readily. Burol harbored the knowledge and learned to master the stone. In time, the All Father set aside his labors upon the fault and moved to other tasks, and the folk scattered far and wide. Burol remained, however, and he gathered a great host of the taonu muento, the giants, about him and taught them what he know. He gave them the "gift of stone" and ever after they worshipped him as a god.

Burol has no shape that is humanoid, but can assume that of any he desires. He normally occupies rock, shaping it as he needs. He dwells in the far northern mountains of the Muenberg. There upon a flat-topped mountain he dwells, shaping the rock into a small lake surrounded by a wall, with a beach of pebbles and a long stone table upon it. Here he entertains supplicants.

~The Codex of Aihrde

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