Friday, September 26, 2014

An Oasis in the Undeeps

As we begin to get a better handle on what lies beyond the bounds of our own solar system . . . and we really don't even have a small understanding I suspect . . . we see more and more the possibilities of what might lie in front of us.

Explorers have discovered water vapor in the upper reaches of the atmosphere of a planet, Hat P11-B, circling a star some 125 odd light years away in the Cygnus constellation. Little more is known about the planet itself. Livescience

But what is known, is that we now have an Oasis in the Undeeps. If we can get there, we can harvest the water, using it as fuel and food, a rest stop on our way toward conquering eternity. 

One day you'll see a large floating city in the clouds of that planet. 

Mark my words.

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