Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Word of the Day -- Phantasm

Today's word is something that you read in fantasy novels, or in movies a lot.  And is also one you can find in many games.  So read on to learn more...

Phantasm is a product of fantasy, a delusive appearance or illusion; a ghost, specter or a figment of the imagination.  The root "phan" comes from Greek verbs that mean "to appear or seem" or "to present to the mind." Does "phan" bring to your mind any other English words, in addition to "phantasm"? Indeed, this root appears in several English words that have to do with the way things seem or appear rather than the way they really are. "Phantasmagoria" and "diaphanous" are examples. Also from this root are words such as "fanciful" and "fantasy," in which the imagination plays an important part.  So beware the next time you see a phantasm appear at your gaming table!

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