Monday, February 25, 2013

Robin . . . Again

Spoiler Alert!

Haven't we already seen Robin die, like, 4 times or something? I'm not sure what is going on in DC but they desperately need to hire some new writers, or their existing writers need to go to and type in "new ideas." I saw their comics  on the 1% and 99% which has to be the silliest idea I've heard in a very long time; we've got Red Lanterns . . . ug the list goes on.

I'm not sure what they should do. In a vain attempt to appeal to older, more mature audiences, they are completely sacrificing any chance at younger ones. Take the tried and true heroes, and make stories about good and evil. No shades of gray (for grey you folks over in the UK and the Commonwealth). Good. Evil. Good. Evil. And then mix in some interesting dialogue. Dialogue. Good. Evil. 

I think the art of dialogue in fiction is the key. Three tv shows are perfect examples. Firefly. Justified. Walking Dead. These shows are cool in and of themselves. But they stand WAY apart because of the dialogue . . . and of course the actor's delivery of said dialogue. . . but the words that tumble from their mouths make the characters believable. They make them our own. 

DC would do well to remember that they  have 30-40 pages upon which they can put dialogue. 

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