Monday, June 11, 2012

Castles and Crusades 5th printing kickstarter closing down soon

Our kickstarter project for the 5th printing is coming to a close. For those of you who want to jump in on the elaborate per-order and get all the bennies of joint, the last chance to do so is rapidly closing down.


BONUS REWARD #1: When we reach $3500.00 all the PRINT versions of the Players Handbook will be autographed by Steve and Davis Chenault.

BONUS REWARD #2: When we reach $4000.00 we'll add an EXTRA Players Handbook to everyone who has pledged $40.00 or more. This will be unsigned, allowing your autographed copy to avoid the game table abuse!

BONUS REWARD #3: When we reach $5000.00 everyone who pledged $40.00 and $75.00 will be able to add one adventure module of your choice to your package! Everyone who pledges $125.00 and 150.00 and more will be able add 2 adventures to their package. Everyone who pledges $175.00 and above can add three adventure modules to their package.

Bonus Reward #4: When we reach $6000.00 the project is fully funded. At that point everyone who pledged over $125.00 will receive an exclusive signed, numbered full color print of the new Cover on matte board. Signatures will include The Brothers Chenault, Peter Bradley and the rarely seen Mr. Mac Golden.

BONUS REWARD #5: When we reach $12,500.00 for the Players Handbook 5, everyone who pledges $75.00 or more receives an exclusive set of dice, made by Crystal Caste. The set includes a d20, d12, d10, d8, FOUR d6 dice and a d4. On the six sider the lettering "5th Crusade" replaces the number 5. These dice are exclusive for this kickstarter project.

Jump while the jimpingm is good, we are at 12200 more or less.



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