Friday, May 11, 2012

looking for writers/submissions

Well, our new year is about to begin. The troll year starts in August. We need some writers. We here at Troll Lord Games are looking for some modules.
We are paying .03 a word. Pay per word should increase over time should sales indicate it worth it.
What we are looking for are Castles and Crusades adventures @12,000 words.
Adventures can be overland or underground.
Level range can be anywhere from 1-12 but we would prefer the 4-8 range. The adventures should be generic in nature.
Only 2 unique monsters.
Introductory material must be under 1000 words.
No sandbox setting material.
No extra planar adventures.
Not setting specific but can be tied to Airhde as default.
Very limited "to be read" material.
No new classes, spells or what not.
We also want only completed adventures, not ideas. I can not stress this enough. Complete modules.
We will take multi-part adventures but the entire series should be complete before submission. Each portion of the adventure should be @ 12000 words.
Use our monster books and rules.
Email completed manuscript to and title MSG "module submission." Include contact info in the body of the text.

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R.J. Thompson said...

What is the deadline for submissions?