Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Castle is Born

Dude working on his castle in France. The tradition of Castle building goes back, oh , I would say 100 to 200 years when wealthy gentry in England and France decided they needed 'old' ruins of castle or such on their land to create the impression of an 'old' family lineage or add to the appeal of the property (I mean, who wouldn,t want a crumbling wall on their property). It's sorta changed in the late 19th century and on throu to today. Castle were constructed to appear like medieval castles but with all modern conveniences. Now it's straight medieval from construction techniques to cold mutton for dinner.


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Nathanaƫl TERRIEN said...

Tthe dudeS (and dudetteS, volonteers (spelling?)for the most part, building are doing this A) because it's challence B) because they're passionate by medieval times C) with only the tools and technique available at the time, to recreate and prove theories.
But not for the glory of a fake lineage ;)
For your vacations, you can enrolled in the team for a few days ... or simply visit the place.
And it's great.